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About Us: Saratoga Mystique was founded on the belief that music is universal and that everyone is entitled to express their musical talents and the gift of music anyway they choose. At Saratoga Mystique we provide an architecture and frame work for the music and visual arts. We provide a place where you can learn how to create music, how to write music, and over the years we have also given a platform for our students and friends to perform such as, Kids in Concert, and Celebration of The Arts. Whether your a musician as a hobbyist, just getting started, a pro or just simply an enthusiast, Saratoga Mystique can provide you with Instruments, lessons, recording studio, instrument repair facilities, competition preparation for NYSMA, or just simply act as space where you can exploit and record your musical creativity in a judgment free zone. We provide professional lessons in the following categories: Voice, Piano, Violin, Flute, Guitar, and Drums. It does not matter if you’re a beginner just getting started, we want to help develop your talents and gifts in the direction you choose. We also provide music lessons for individuals with special needs. We have a state of the art recording studio that has everything from Steinway & Sons pianos to Gibson guitars and Marshall amps. Our recording studio is based on the Mac operating systems best production software such as Final Cut Studio Pro, and Soundtrack Pro. We use a bank of various different microphones to suit the specific need at the time. Our studio is comfortable, it is both state of the art and old school. We use a combination of digital and analog devices and equipment. We provide our clients with an app like presence online such as a personal data storage pod that hosts and stores all the data that student creates. After all, it is your musical data, and you own it. You can store your videos, sheet music, recordings, photos and just about anything else you can digitally create. Our resident voice and piano instructor specializes in a wide verity of lessons structures specifically created and customized to suit your individual needs. Many of our students have gone on to compete in NYSMA, and have performed both locally and in front of large audiences all over the Country. Our rates and fees are industry standard, our approach to music is unique, and we have years of operating experience that demonstrates our long term commitment to the community, the arts, and the advancement of music & performing arts in our society.

Music Lessons, Piano Restoration & Performances

Guy Allison from the Doobie Brothers stopped in to practice before taking the stage at SPAC with Chicago. Here he is playing one of our finest pianos, a Mason & Hamlin Model BB Semi Concert Grand. This piano was also featured at Kids In Concert, Celebration of The Arts and was played by many famous musicians including David Hyde Pierce from the hit T.V. show, Frasier.

From beginner to performer.

We are so proud of being able to nurture the talent that resides in our students and clients no matter what their ages or level of expertise is. Some of our students and former students have their own Youtube pages like Kenny. We started teaching Kenny piano lessons at a very young age.  There was something special about Kenny, and his whole family, they all got involved in lessons and today they enjoy playing music in there family band and have performed all over the Region. We gave Kenny an introduction to guitar lesson, from that point on he began guitar lessons with another instructor and has really blossomed into a fine musician as well as his brother and sister who make up the trio band.

Steinway & Sons Piano Restoration

Steinway Model B Restored By:

Saratoga Mystique

This Steinway & Sons Model B Grand Piano was restored by us and is featured in this video being played by one of our areas finest piano tuners.

Steinway Model O Restored By:

Saratoga Mystique

This Steinway & Sons Model O Grand Piano was restored by us and is featured in this video being played by one of our areas finest piano tuners and Technicians.

Music Lessons, Piano Restoration & Performances

Saratoga Mystique has been a part of the arts community in The Capital Region since 2007 and have produced and co-produced many events in our region including, Celebration of The Arts, Kids In Concert at the Saratoga Springs City Center, films and motion picture productions, and much more. We have also hosted fine artists in our showroom/gallery and hosted many live performances.

Music Lessons, Piano Restoration & Performances

We are master piano restoration specialist. We specialize in the restoration and rebuilding of Steinway & Sons grand pianos. We are trained by Angelo Andino. Angelo worked for Steinway & Sons for over 20 years and went on to be one of the last of the German Trained Steinway Legacy of Master Craftsman. The trade is handed down in a time honored tradition to those Angelo believed to hold the qualifications to meet his uncompromising demands for excellence and we are proud to carry on that legacy in his honor.

Give Someone The Gift of Music!

Magdalena is a musician, author, teacher and philanthropist. She works with children and adults with special needs with a focus on bringing music into the daily life of those she works with. Magdalena is a classical voice instructor being taught by one of Juilliard finest, Judy Lungren. 

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Over the years we have participated in our community arts program from Celebration of the Arts, Kids in Concert, The Arts Fest, Jazz Fest, Dance Flurry, The Spa Theater, The Arts Council, and benefits that include Saratoga Hospital Foundation, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Catholic Charities and many more. 

Our Piano Restoration Gallery

The Capital Region is rich with culture and arts. We believe that giving back to the community is best shown by example. Donating time to events, taking interest in a culture rich environment. Providing leadership through a hands on approach delivers results. We hope you join us in making Saratoga Mystique a great success by coming to one of our events, sponsor a musician, or like one of there videos on Youtube or other social media site is a big encouragement to them.